AVALINITY live at Spyken

On February 10th we had a gig at Spyken in Malmö. Once again it was a great live and I felt like we got a good response from the crowd.


Photos by: Ove Jansson

Photos by: Ove Jansson

I got a pretty devilish look in black and white, don’t I?

Once more we were served with a live clip from Sano Concerts Photos.

Our next live is on March 12 at Fäladsgården in Lund. You can attend the FB even here.

Hope to see you all there! ❤



Update; TW: Anxiety, depression

I made a promise that I would keep you posted about my group therapy. Its been an introduction on Cognitive behavioral therapy which has been pretty interesting. I also went to an introduction meeting to the next step of my treatment which is CBT treatment which is more focused on the issues I have, anxiety and OCD. Its also in group but more hands-on with longer sessions and more homework. I had a good feeling after the first meeting so I have pretty big hopes for this.

As far as my own well-being I feel that its getting better. I have lots of anxiety and downs, but somehow I feel like I can handle it better. So, I’m still hopeful.

Its a short note, but I just wanted to make an update on it so that you don’t think nothing has happened. It does; it just takes time.

I’m gonna try and make a post later on today regarding our latest live at SPYKEN, so keep your eyes open!


AVALINITY live at Sofiepark

I know its a bit late, but I just wanted to share some things from our live at Sofiepark last Saturday!

We performed four songs:

Sinister Sister
Le Petit Mort

I made my debut as a singer and it went great! The whole gig was amazing, the whole band really enjoyed it.


I tried on some new stage wear that night, what do you think?♥


Thank all of you who came to see us! The next gig is on Tuesday, hopefully it will be just as fun!

If you didn’t manage to see us, you can watch the whole gig here:

Photos and video are taken from: Sano Concerts Photos.

Can’t wait until Tuesday!