Did love really win?

Recently, gay marriage has been legalized in the US. While some states already had made this decision, most of them hadn’t. So of course, this is great news.

However, the reactions that came after this law passed seems to be that everything is fine now. The “Love wins” slogan is not true. Love only won for a selective group of people, whilst nothing has changed for many, many others.

Of course, criticizing someone who’s celebrating the legalization of gay marriage doesn’t come without punishment. Everybody can celebrate, its legitimate, but we can also use this opportunity to enlighten other, more serious issues. To me, legalizing gay marriage in the US is long overdo, just like giving men and women equal pay for equal work. When this happens, I won’t be celebrating that I get a pay check I deserve. No, I will say; “About time!!!”. I have the same reaction now, how can 2015 be the year this happens? That’s over 200 years after The Declaration of Independence was adopted.

I’ve been criticized for being bitter, negative and cynical about this. Well, if that’s what it takes to make a change, I can take that. Also, how the hell can I not be bitter when people of color and trans people die because of who they are? How can I not be bitter when I feel like I have to hide my sexual orientation because it might change how people feel about me? How can I not be bitter when people act like its now peace on earth whilst other homosexuality is still illegal in many other states in the world?

I also got a comment that this could wait, that people should be able to get to celebrate without having to get problems pointed out all the time. Wait? For how long have we waited to be equal? Far too long! Like I said, this law is way over-due, and people shouldn’t be thankful to have their human rights realized.

This critique was passed to me by a a white, heterosexual cis woman. Out of all people I don’t feel like she should be the first one to criticize my personal feelings about this. While I’m also cis and white, I am not heterosexual, and I have a hard time to understand the sense of “victory” that social media is over-flowing with. Like with women rights; We aren’t equal just because women can work and make a career, we are equal when everybody as the same rights and the same value to the state and to the society.

In conclusion; I do not blame anybody to be happy or to be celebrating. Yes, this is great news! What I do criticize is not the celebration, its the fact that people claim that “love has won” when it just did so for a selective group of people.

So please, keep celebrating. I just hope all the other groups that needs to be recognized are not forgotten.