At the church gates

Me and my friend AKA band member AREKU did an improvised photo shoot at the Lund dome a few weeks ago. I edited a couple of photos (like my header) and I quite like them.


churchgate2 old school

Of course I had to copy the pose I did at our first photo shoot with the band. Some things never change.

Also, some behind the scenes photos when AREKU told me to swirl. It didn’t turn out quite like we planned, so much confusion on my part, haha!


Hope you all enjoy the photos!




My vacation has started and so I decided to flee to my roots at the Swedish west coast. What I truly miss while living in the south is the landscape with all the forest and mountains so its nice to get to see it once in a while.

On a boat ride with a friend.

On a boat ride with a friend.


West coast, best coast.

Its nice to have some time off, its not something I’m spoiled with. So I’m gonna try an relax as much as I can before the Tokyo trip on Sunday – its gonna be amazing!


See you all soon, ~K

My new obsession

Recently I’ve gotten a fairly large interest in skincare, I guess its a natural step when dealing with make up and cosmetics in general. My favorite brand so far will have to be The Body Shop, I’ve used quite a few products by now and I have to say most of them have left a quite large impression on me!


I’ll admit its a bit expensive, but as most pricier brands the product last for long. Also, worth it since they’re against animal testing and take into consideration both the environment and human rights in their business.

So, if you haven’t checked them out yet, I suggest you do. If you have the chance, visit a store, the staff have always been really friendly and helpful whenever I have visited.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by The Body Shop in any way, I just think its a brand worth mentioning.

Lastly I’ll leave this photo from Saturday. Don’t I look like I’m modeling headphones, haha!


Until next time, take care!