Yes, I know its spelled “weekend”, but I was paying an homage to the X JAPAN song “WEEK END”. Anyhow, I spent the weekend together with AREKU and my friend Maco who I haven’t seen in almost two years. It was nice catching up.

Me sightseeing in my own city.

Me sightseeing in my own city.

We began the Saturday by going to a flea market selling only alternative clothing. I managed to get my hands on some pretty jewelry and petite shoes.



Also; me and AREKU ran in to some tortoises! Tortoises are my favourite animal, they are so cute!

Folkets park

Folkets park

AREKU posted a video about our weekend and you get get a better view of the animals. You also get a closer look of my fabulous outfit for the day.

Speaking of fashions; I tried doing some nail art today. Its not the best picture, but I’m pretty happy with the results.


That¨s it for today. Will make a third update about the Tokyo trip during the week. Until then, take care.



Tokyo trip part II – Disneyland (ft SaSa)

This time I will share share some memories from Disneyland Resort Tokyo. I’ve never visited Disneyland before so I owed it to the child in me. Besides, SaSa was so enthusiastic about it that if I had refused she would probably refuse to talk to me ever again ❤

Disnelyland entrance

We arrived in early afternoon and went straight to the Snow white story ride. There is one part made like the one when she’s running through the forest and that was really scary, not for people with weak hearts!


After a few story rides we continued to Mickey’s house. You get to walk through it and see his baby photos, living room and Pluto’s corner among other things.

SaSa in Pluto's corner.

SaSa in Pluto’s corner.

You then continue out through the garden to Mickey’s movie barn where all his movie are made. And in the end, you are greeted by Mickey himself!


Excuse our faces, it was really hot outside.

Mickey was the sweetest thing! He was super excited and gave us both hugs and kisses on the cheek. If you ever go to Disneyland Tokyo, you should visit him. Its a long wait, but it doesn’t matter since its a lot of fun to see his house too.

The food is of course also special at this place. Popcorn is a must, they have everything from caramel to curry popcorn. We had chocolate which was safe but nice.


The burgers we ate were shaped like Donald’s foot and Mickey’s hand. Cute!

Phoo's story book.

Pooh’s story book.

Back to the story rides. Surprisingly, after Pirates of the Caribbean I liked Pooh’s ride the most. Its the newest attraction in the park and uses modern elements in a classes story ride in a very clever way. The wait was long, but it was worth it.

I’m happy SaSa brought me here, it was a nice memory. I’d definitely go again if I had the chance.

I will soon make another update on my Tokyo trip so stay tuned!




Tokyo trip part I (ft SaSa)

Hello everyone!

I was thinking I should share some stories from my Tokyo trip. I will split it into several posts so keep your eyes open for more!

I landed in Tokyo on August 3d and met up with my band mate, friend and little sister SaSa. She lives in Shinjuku and we dropped off my stuff at her place before we went out to eat. I’ve eaten so much great food during my trip, both Japanese and other cuisine. My favorite though had to be sushi (boring, I know), the tuna rice balls from 7 Eleven (true story) and the Korean street food called hotteok. Its like a thick pancake with different sorts of fillings. I had cheese and it was pretty much amazing.


Even though both me and SaSa pretty much lives for food, we of course had time for some serious sightseeing. We went to see the golden statue of Buddha in Yanaka, a district with many Buddhist and Shinto temples. Last time I was in Tokyo I didn’t get to visit many traditional sites of the city so I was very happy about it (even though the heat almost killed us and we ended up having lunch for three and a half hours).

The Golden Buddha at the Zenshoan temple.

The Golden Buddha at the Zenshoan temple.

The following days we kept exploring the city, such as going to the Obaida island where we watched the Tokyo Bat Fireworks Festival. Many people had dressed up in beautiful yukatas for the occasion which was nice to see.

Of course we also had time to enjoy the modern parts of Tokyo, such as karaoke. Karaoke in Japan might be once of the best ways to party.

SaSa aka Krystal in the karaoke room.

SaSa aka Krystal in the karaoke room.

At the end of my visit, we went to see the Imperial Palace East Gardens. It was a nice, peaceful place in the middle of a busy city. We then went to have some Indian curry and karaoke with some of SaSa’s friends.

Imperial Palace East Gardens.

Imperial Palace East Gardens.

So, to sum up, I think I did all the things one is expected to do while in Tokyo. I had lots of great foods, saw temples, Tokyo Tower, had beer in the izakaya, sang karaoke, went to Disneyland (which is subject to another post) and bought some cool fashions. We also went to the “k-pop” part of Korea Town, which was both fascinating and really fun.

"Idol Park" in Korea town.

“Idol Park” in Korea town.

This trip really was a dream come true. I didn’t manage to catch any good concerts, but other than that it was pretty much perfect. I will tell you more about it in the next post.

See you soon,