K recommends | TV series

Hello lovelies!

I’ve decided to start a new series here on my blog called “K recommends”. And since music would be too obvious and not lead to many surprises (you can see my “Top 10 records” video with AREKU which will give you a hint of what I like), I decided to go with TV series instead.

These are in no particular order, I just picked out four TV series I think stands out from the rest. I’m really picky about TV series, so these are truly my top picks.

Orange is the New Black

I know, this has been hyped too the skies, but it deserves it! The series is about a prison for females in the United states and its a raw portrayal of women that does not fit into the usual Hollywood stereotype. It mixes drama and comedy in a very clever way, and it simply brings something new to the table. I’ll admit, it gave me a lot of anxiety in the beginning, but ones I got past it a realized it was a gem in the world of TV series.

Bron (trans: the Bridge)

This is a Swedish/Danish production which is currently on its third season. Its a crime series that surrounds about murders happening in the area of Malmö in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark with the Øresund bridge connecting the two. Usually I’m not a fan of crime series, and especially not Scandinavian productions, but this has gotten me hooked! First of all, there’s a diversity of characters, especially the main ones which are the detectives. It brings issues that are big in both countries which makes it realistic. And finally, like OitnB, it mixes drama and humor in a sophisticated way.

American Horror Story

The series its on its fifth season, with every season being independent from one another. What’s so brilliant about it is that you get a fresh start every season and it opens up for a variety of plots and characters. Its horror with a purpose, and its very elegant and gory at the same time. My favorite one has got to be the third season, called Coven, which is about a group of young witches trying to learn how to control their powers. Its filled with strong, female characters with a variety of qualities and looks.  And it has magic in the modern world without being Harry Potter.

Fröken Frimans krig (trans: Miss Friman’s War)

This Swedish mini series is based of the story of Anna Whitlock, one of the most important figures of the early feminist movement in the beginning of the 1900’s. She started the first cooperation for and by women and this is what this series is about. Ms Friman is the fictional character based on Anna Whitlock’s struggles to start a cooperation that is not cheating with their food sales. Ms Friman and her comrades are boycotted by the other cooperations because they are women, and it becomes a strong story about women fighting for their rights to have the power of what men have. It also has the elite in the Swedish actor scene! The second season is scheduled this Christmas, and a third one is being produced as we speak.

That’s it! Those are fours series I think you should give a shot. Both of the Swedish series mentioned have been broadcasted in other countries, and The Bridge has both an American version and an English/French version. I have not seen these, but if you want to know more about the concept without jumping right into the Scandiniavian sarcasm, you should check them out!

I hope you’ll enjoy my recommendations and I’ll see you soon!



Tokyo part III – Tokyo haul

So I finally got around to make a post about the things I bought in Tokyo. Please enjoy!


This is difficult to see, but here’s a transparent cardigan with fringes (which you can see on my Instagram) from SPINS, a tote bag from h.NAOTO and a pair of leg warmers from the same brand. The cardigan is really gonna be a favorite of mine and a great treasure from my Tokyo trip!


Here’s the print of an oversize t-shirt from Listen Flavor. Its not my usual style, but LF has really cute stuff and the material is so comfy! Kind of an over-prized nightgown you might say.


1444673364859  1444673357347

These both items are from my new favorite brand Ghost of Harlem. The white dress will probably be used in a photoshoot soon. The top is a new favorite, its stylish and comfortable at the same time. And I love the back, its a really nice touch.



Of course I couldn’t go to Tokyo without buying CD’s! I bought most of them at Book off, which is a brand of second hand store. They sell books of course, but also CD’s, movies and video games. I bought the following:

Kiss – L’Arc~en~Ciel
Art of Life – X JAPAN (with a small photo book)
Voyage – Femme Fatale
Voyage ~Sans Retour~ – MALICE MIZER (sort of amused I bought two “Voyage”)
La Collection des Singles – L’edition Limitee – – MALICE MIZER

I bought the Femme Fatale single at Tower Records, which is of course on of the best places in Tokyo. Part from all the music you can buy, they also have a café with Rilakkuma theme. It was cute, even the burgers were shaped as him. So, Tower Records is a must when visiting Tokyo.


When I lived in Hong Kong I fell in love with Etude House which is a store selling skin products and cosmetics. The stores look like small pink houses and their packaging is so cute. I bought the facial mask Wonder Pore which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I don’t know how well it works yet, but its fun to use since the foam feels like shaving cream (I sometimes get myself a beard when using it, haha!). I also bought a perfume which I love.

The nail polishes are from the 100 yen store, and then work surprisingly well for being so cheap! Lastly, the facial sheet masks are from Korea town.



Lastly I got some decoration for the house. The pink box is a cookie box from Disneyland and now I’m using it to store my sewing supplies. The mug I found at a store at Odaiba island and do I really need to comment on it? Its like it was made for me! The Halloween painting is from a KERA shop. Sadly, I don’t remember the artist. The second painting is from a museum and its a poem. I wanted something that represented both new, modern Tokyo and something more traditional but still something that matched. I really think I succeeded!

So there you have it! I’m happy with my finds and I’m also surprised I didn’t buy more, haha! Hopefully it can inspire some of you on where to shop if you go to Tokyo.

See you soon lovelies,