Photoshoot: Zombie Queen

Last weekend I celebrated Halloween with AREKU and SaSa, and we decided to have a half improvised photoshoot in our costumes. Since it was dark outside the lightning was pretty bad, so I decided to run with it and edit them in an old-fashioned manner.

02 03

Halloween 04 Halloween 05

I added some colour to the last one, since I felt like I did the picture more justice.

Halloween 01

The idea to my costume was quite a process; At first I thought I just wanted to dress up like a noble, gothic lady. But then I played with the idea of having half of my face done perfectly, and the other one with open wounds and bruises. That made me think of a song by the band Ghost – Ghuleh / Zombie Queen, and that’s what I named my costume. Here’s a slightly clearer picture of my make up:

Skärmavbild 2015-11-05 kl. 20.27.20

It was actually pretty easy to create – the clean side took longer than the zombie parts! I used liquid latex and face paint in red, purple, green and black to create different shades of the wounds. You should try it out yourselves, its a lot of fun! The necklace is from AREKU’s brand Sophistigance and the hat is handmade by me.

You can view our Halloween messages over at AVALINITY’s Insagram. And here’s the bloopers from the video:

See you soon lovelies,