K recommends

Its been long overdue – here’s another ‘K recommends’. Today I will give you tips on goth songs that I like.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Tearing Apart

Starting off with one of the pioneers in goth, Siouxsie Sioux (here with the Banshees), the song Tearing Apart sounds rather uplifting. However the lyrics are, as you can imagine, on a bluer note. As most other 80’s goth bands, Siouxsie and the Banshees uses a soft guitar sound and heartfelt vocals. I really enjoy Siouxsie’s voice and I really think you should give her work a try if you haven’t so already.

The Cure – Pictures of You

I believe most of you are familiar with The Cure. If you aren’t you really should look them up! Pictures of You is not one of the most famous songs such as Friday or Boys Don’t Cry, but for me its a very beautiful and dreamy song. The lyrics as well as the sound really makes you feel a sense of longing, which is amazing to me. Its also nostalgic since I used to listen to this quite a lot during my teenage years.

MALICE MIZER – ヴェル・エール ~空白の瞬間の中で~ (Bel air ~Within Moments of Nothingness~

I’ve been listening to MALICE MIZER for many years now, and its debatable weather they qualify as ‘real’ goth. I for one believe they do, especially in their earlier days.  Bel Air is a rather fast paced song, while at the same time being soft sounding. The guitar riffs stands out a lot, even though the song also uses many other effects including sounds from a music box. The vocals are impressive as well. Bel Air is found on the album Merveilles. While my favourite album by MALICE MIZER is Bara no Seidou, Merveilles is better suited for this list.

London After Midnight – Where Good Girls Go To Die

Another one of the top bands from the goth scene. Where Good Girls Go To Die has a darker sound than the other songs on this list. It also uses synthesizer more frequently. What I like about this song is that it is indeed heavy and mysterious, and that the vocals used are both clean and scream/growl. Very interesting band overall.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Now go and listen!




Its midnight here in Sweden and I’m feeling rather sad. And it feels rather good to be sad. It might sound strange, but let me explain;

I recently got out of a few months with a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. Now, instead of feeling like my chest will break and thinking I’m the most awful person on the planet, I just feel sad. Its a simple feeling that anyone can relate to. And it means that the anxiety is getting better since I can focus on having such a ‘simple’ feeling. I’m not really saying that sadness is easy, it just weighs so much lighter on my shoulders compared to how I’be been feeling since the middle of August.

In conclusion; I’m happy to feel sad.


Small victories

Its been a while since I updated about my mental condition, mainly because its been going rather well. I’ve had a backlash lately, but that happens. I don’t give up (even though I admit I sometimes feel like doing so).

For those of you who haven’t red my past posts about this I suffer from anxiety, which had also led me into a depression. Its something I’m struggling with every day, but with the help of psychologists and medication I have been able to control the anxiety more and more. Its also made me realize that no matter how deep I feel like I’ve fallen there’s always a way back up.

Its also important to remember the small progresses I make. For example; I finished reading a book yesterday and that is a big thing for me. It might sound like nothing, ridiculous even, but when the scariest thing you know are your own thoughts, reading a book can be a struggle. That’s because when you read, everything around you feels empty, and the only sense you use is your eyesight. For me, that emptiness is very scary, so every time I finish a book its a victory.

To sum up; Right now I’m not great, but I work hard to change that. In the meantime I hope that this post might help someone.