Small victories

Its been a while since I updated about my mental condition, mainly because its been going rather well. I’ve had a backlash lately, but that happens. I don’t give up (even though I admit I sometimes feel like doing so).

For those of you who haven’t red my past posts about this I suffer from anxiety, which had also led me into a depression. Its something I’m struggling with every day, but with the help of psychologists and medication I have been able to control the anxiety more and more. Its also made me realize that no matter how deep I feel like I’ve fallen there’s always a way back up.

Its also important to remember the small progresses I make. For example; I finished reading a book yesterday and that is a big thing for me. It might sound like nothing, ridiculous even, but when the scariest thing you know are your own thoughts, reading a book can be a struggle. That’s because when you read, everything around you feels empty, and the only sense you use is your eyesight. For me, that emptiness is very scary, so every time I finish a book its a victory.

To sum up; Right now I’m not great, but I work hard to change that. In the meantime I hope that this post might help someone.



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