My new single 「Skogsrået」is out! You can find it on Spotify and on Soundcloud. All songs are also available on Gance Media’s YouTube account.


This is my second solo single and my first release in Swedish. Singing is Swedish is quite difficult for me, even though its my mother tongue. I believe its because its the language that is the closest to myself, so I feel a lot more vulnerable singing in Swedish. I still wanted to do it though, because the song is about a creature from Nordic folklore, so it felt more natural to do it in Swedish. However, I decided to do an English version because I want to be able to connect to more people. Translating the lyrics was difficult, but I am rather pleased with it.

Skogsrået is a creature living in the woods, and like most other Nordic creatures she can be either helpful or vicious depending on her mood. I’ve been fascinated with her for many years and she’s one of my favourite creatures in Norse mythology. It also is personal to me because I grew up in the forest, so I like the mysterious feel it has to it, and I tried to convey that in the sound of the music.

I hope you enjoy this release!



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