「Diamond destruction」


Hello everyone!

Its been a little more than a week since I released my first EP / mini album entitled Diamond destruction. I want to use this opportunity to write some about the songs.

First of all its a collection that includes many different themes, commenting both worldwide events as well as my personal life. For the first time I have also written a true love song, which you can hear in the last track of the album, The Key. I’m very pleased with this one, I feel like I managed to incorporate many different elements that harmonizes well together. Recording the vocals, I must admit, was a challenge, my vocal range is an altos rather than a soprano. But I do feel that no matter what you have to challenge yourself.

The album starts with a song called Lunar Love. I have always been fascinated with the moon, and I am not alone, there are many mysteries and beliefs surrounding it and I tried to mix my own feelings about its beauty with tales I’ve red from others. Musically I do like the organ the best, its an instrument which suits the spirit of the moon, I believe. This was also a huge challenge to sing, but I’m pleased with the outcome.

The Devil on my shoulder is without a doubt the most personal track on this album. As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from anxiety and depression, and here I try to explain what it can feel like when its most severe. I do believe most people have been in situations where they feel like there’s no way out, and The Devil on my shoulder is a song about that specific moment. Its not about life in general, there’s always a way out, and things will always get better. I hope that this song can give others an outlet for their sorrow and pain and give them strength in knowing that they are not alone.

On an opposite note there is Here be dragons. Now, the title might seem a bit strange, but its merely the nerd in me that is shining through. Here be dragons is an old expression about the places that are outside the map. If you look at old European maps you can often see strange creatures and beasts in the outskirts of it, because that’s what people though might exist in unknown lands. The word ‘unknown’ is key here, because people are often afraid of that they don’t know and understand. This is the reason people who look or act different are often alienized and frowned upon. This is what the song is about, how people who are different in any way might be treated brutally. In the end though we’ll always have each other, and things often change for the better. I hope you can feel hope when listening to this track!

Lastly there is Diamonds. I’ve saved this one for last because in many ways its the most special one for me. Not only did SaSa and AREKU do a wonderful cover of it, but its a song I’ve worked on for quite some time now. I also think this is the strongest vocal performance on my part. Overall I’m just very proud of it.

Have you had a chance to hear it yet? If not, listen it here.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have listened and supported Diamond destruction thus far. You are the best!






Hello lovelies,

A few days ago I learned that the band Femme Fatale will disband at the beginning of next year. I believe it came as a surprise for everybody and even for the members themselves. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I also support them in their decision.

Its rather peculiar though what happened today. I just got home from a trip in Stockholm and had a package waiting for me and it turned out it was Femme Fatales’ latest single POWDER. It felt rather special receiving it so soon after hearing the sad news. I’m also happy I bought it since it seems to be their last release.



This release is a concept single so the members look pretty different from usual which is interesting (I barely even recognize TaNa!). It comes with a photo book with two different styles for each of the members, one extravagant and one more casual. Since I ordered it from CD Japan I also got an extra photo set.


I think this is a great piece in my collection and it feels very special. I’m looking forward to see what projects the members will part-take in the future.

Until next time, take care.


Tokyo part III – Tokyo haul

So I finally got around to make a post about the things I bought in Tokyo. Please enjoy!


This is difficult to see, but here’s a transparent cardigan with fringes (which you can see on my Instagram) from SPINS, a tote bag from h.NAOTO and a pair of leg warmers from the same brand. The cardigan is really gonna be a favorite of mine and a great treasure from my Tokyo trip!


Here’s the print of an oversize t-shirt from Listen Flavor. Its not my usual style, but LF has really cute stuff and the material is so comfy! Kind of an over-prized nightgown you might say.


1444673364859  1444673357347

These both items are from my new favorite brand Ghost of Harlem. The white dress will probably be used in a photoshoot soon. The top is a new favorite, its stylish and comfortable at the same time. And I love the back, its a really nice touch.



Of course I couldn’t go to Tokyo without buying CD’s! I bought most of them at Book off, which is a brand of second hand store. They sell books of course, but also CD’s, movies and video games. I bought the following:

Kiss – L’Arc~en~Ciel
Art of Life – X JAPAN (with a small photo book)
Voyage – Femme Fatale
Voyage ~Sans Retour~ – MALICE MIZER (sort of amused I bought two “Voyage”)
La Collection des Singles – L’edition Limitee – – MALICE MIZER

I bought the Femme Fatale single at Tower Records, which is of course on of the best places in Tokyo. Part from all the music you can buy, they also have a café with Rilakkuma theme. It was cute, even the burgers were shaped as him. So, Tower Records is a must when visiting Tokyo.


When I lived in Hong Kong I fell in love with Etude House which is a store selling skin products and cosmetics. The stores look like small pink houses and their packaging is so cute. I bought the facial mask Wonder Pore which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I don’t know how well it works yet, but its fun to use since the foam feels like shaving cream (I sometimes get myself a beard when using it, haha!). I also bought a perfume which I love.

The nail polishes are from the 100 yen store, and then work surprisingly well for being so cheap! Lastly, the facial sheet masks are from Korea town.



Lastly I got some decoration for the house. The pink box is a cookie box from Disneyland and now I’m using it to store my sewing supplies. The mug I found at a store at Odaiba island and do I really need to comment on it? Its like it was made for me! The Halloween painting is from a KERA shop. Sadly, I don’t remember the artist. The second painting is from a museum and its a poem. I wanted something that represented both new, modern Tokyo and something more traditional but still something that matched. I really think I succeeded!

So there you have it! I’m happy with my finds and I’m also surprised I didn’t buy more, haha! Hopefully it can inspire some of you on where to shop if you go to Tokyo.

See you soon lovelies,



Yes, I know its spelled “weekend”, but I was paying an homage to the X JAPAN song “WEEK END”. Anyhow, I spent the weekend together with AREKU and my friend Maco who I haven’t seen in almost two years. It was nice catching up.

Me sightseeing in my own city.

Me sightseeing in my own city.

We began the Saturday by going to a flea market selling only alternative clothing. I managed to get my hands on some pretty jewelry and petite shoes.



Also; me and AREKU ran in to some tortoises! Tortoises are my favourite animal, they are so cute!

Folkets park

Folkets park

AREKU posted a video about our weekend and you get get a better view of the animals. You also get a closer look of my fabulous outfit for the day.

Speaking of fashions; I tried doing some nail art today. Its not the best picture, but I’m pretty happy with the results.


That¨s it for today. Will make a third update about the Tokyo trip during the week. Until then, take care.


At the church gates

Me and my friend AKA band member AREKU did an improvised photo shoot at the Lund dome a few weeks ago. I edited a couple of photos (like my header) and I quite like them.


churchgate2 old school

Of course I had to copy the pose I did at our first photo shoot with the band. Some things never change.

Also, some behind the scenes photos when AREKU told me to swirl. It didn’t turn out quite like we planned, so much confusion on my part, haha!


Hope you all enjoy the photos!


My new obsession

Recently I’ve gotten a fairly large interest in skincare, I guess its a natural step when dealing with make up and cosmetics in general. My favorite brand so far will have to be The Body Shop, I’ve used quite a few products by now and I have to say most of them have left a quite large impression on me!


I’ll admit its a bit expensive, but as most pricier brands the product last for long. Also, worth it since they’re against animal testing and take into consideration both the environment and human rights in their business.

So, if you haven’t checked them out yet, I suggest you do. If you have the chance, visit a store, the staff have always been really friendly and helpful whenever I have visited.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by The Body Shop in any way, I just think its a brand worth mentioning.

Lastly I’ll leave this photo from Saturday. Don’t I look like I’m modeling headphones, haha!


Until next time, take care!