Mini haul – The Body Shop

Hello lovelies,

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I am quite obsessed with the skin care brand The Body Shop. What you might not be familiar with is the fact that they also sell make up. Because of this wonderful thing we call “after Christmas sale”, I have been able to make some very good deals at some of their products. So, here is a mini haul to present the items I have bought.


Starting with the base, I got the Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundaction. I needed to re-stock my regular foundation and saw this on a sale so I figured I should try it. They only had one colour left called Rose Ivory, and it fits me perfectly!  The foundation is light, but still gives a nice coverage. Finding a foundation on 70% sale with your ideal colour just doesn’t happen like that, so it was an amazing find.

Next I got two lip pencils, in colours Rosy Red and Nude (yeah, ‘nude’ if you are white. Shame on you, The Body Shop!). I am not blown away by these, but I think they work as a base for lipstick more so than lipgloss. The red one is a very nice shade.

Next one is also a lip product, a lipgloss which I cannot seem to find the name of. I haven’t worn it enough to comment on how long it lasts, but the constancy is nice and it smells amazing. A pretty neutral gloss which is always good to have.

The eyeshadow is called Amethyst and is a duo one in purple and black. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but its the ultimate shade of purple, and I can ever get enough black so I am looking forward to try it out.

Lastly, the perfume is called White Musk Libertine and it smells amazing! I think its great for everyday wear, but still comes with a little twist. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you don’t want to use a flowery scent, but still want to have a fairly light and fresh smell.

There you have it! I hope it liked this little haul, and let me know if you want more content like this.





My vacation has started and so I decided to flee to my roots at the Swedish west coast. What I truly miss while living in the south is the landscape with all the forest and mountains so its nice to get to see it once in a while.

On a boat ride with a friend.

On a boat ride with a friend.


West coast, best coast.

Its nice to have some time off, its not something I’m spoiled with. So I’m gonna try an relax as much as I can before the Tokyo trip on Sunday – its gonna be amazing!


See you all soon, ~K